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US Military Airplane Used By Multiple Forces?

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Fumanchewd 18 Jun 22, 08:17Post
So, I was having a drink and lunch with some colleagues 2 days ago at Williams Gateway, and there were a couple of USMC F18's that were taking off. It made me think about the F35... its being operated by the AF, Navy, and USMC.

Has there been any other fighter or attack airplanes that was used by 3 branches? I can't think of any.

The only aircraft (not helicopters or attack) I can think of is the C130, Gulfstreams (used by all branches including the CG for brass and electronic surveillance), but there may be some support/cargo aircraft I can't think of?
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DXing 18 Jun 22, 13:32Post
That's easy...the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. Used by the Air Force, Navy, and Marines in Vietnam.
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captoveur 22 Jun 22, 17:45Post
T-6 Texan II- used for UPT by everyone.
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