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NAS Daily 16 OCT 20

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AerCaribe An-32 suffers runway excursion, disintegrates on impact
An Antonov An-32A of AerCaribe cargo plane suffered a track excursion during landing at Iquitos International Airport (IQT), in Peru, on October 14, 2020. The aircraft broke off into several pieces. All crew members were able to evacuate.

UPS Airbus A300 Suffers Hydraulic Problems While Landing
A UPS Airbus A300 has had a dramatic landing in Kentucky after a hydraulic failure. The plane blew out several tires after a hard landing and required towing to the ramp. Fortunately, the crew and cargo escaped unscathed.


The Story Of Embraer
There are not many large aircraft manufacturers that have survived alongside the Boeing and Airbus duopoly. Over the years, most have moved aside or been acquired. Embraer stands out as one of the largest independent manufacturers today, offering a range of smaller and regional commercial jets. With a recent failed merger with Boeing, it looks set to stay that way.

The Value Of Airbus A380 Engines Has Halved
There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a truly awful impact on the aviation industry. However, the effect of the crisis extends far beyond that of airlines losing out on value to impacting maintenance providers. In the widebody market, the value of an Airbus A380 engine has gone down by up to 50% – a massive decrease in value.

What Happened To The Airbus A300 ?
The Airbus A300 was the first aircraft built by Airbus and marked the aviation landscape changing forever. 561 A300’s were built between 1972 and 2007, yet today there are few in the sky. What happened to the type, and why doesn’t Airbus make it anymore ?

Boeing Has Delivered Less Than 100 Aircraft Since January
Boeing’s third-quarter deliveries report is out. While the planemaker beat out its second-quarter deliveries, only 28 jets were handed over to customers. This brings the yearly total thus far for 2020 to only 98 aircraft.


Wizz Air war on workers: pilots speak of unethical practices
Unlike the newly started capacity wars in Italy and Norway, the war between Wizz Air and its unions has been going on for quite some time. While workers unionized to ensure their basic rights are respected, others were relegated to work via a subcontractor, employed by the low-cost carrier.

Where is Emirates finding revenue to continue operations ?
A limited domestic network, an all-wide-body aircraft fleet and reliance on a hub to feed its operations: that was the cocktail that Emirates Airline held in its hand when the current crisis unfolded. Nevertheless, the Dubai-based airline had to navigate its way through the situation with the cards it held in its hand. How did they do it ?

Ryanair cuts three bases for winter, warns to cut more
Irish low-cost airline Ryanair released its revised winter schedule. The airline plans to close three bases for the winter season due to increased flight restrictions imposed by the governments of European Union countries.

Qatar Airways Is Now Flying To 100 Destinations
On Friday, October 16th, Qatar Airways will re-launch flights to Sofia, Bulgaria, with a thrice-weekly service. This marks the airline’s return to serving 100 destinations, with 700 weekly flights. Plans are to add another 25 before the year is over, including a new route to San Fransisco.

United Airlines Kicks Off Its Hawaii COVID-19 Testing Program
United Airlines has kicked off its Hawaii COVID-19 testing program. The first passengers traveling to the islands from San Francisco were able to make use of the service this morning. With a negative result, passengers can avoid a mandatory 14-day quarantine when arriving in the state.

Finnair Lets You Dine On Airplane Food At Home
Finnair will offer its business-class “Taste of Finnair” in-flight meals in supermarkets as the airline battles the financial impact of the pandemic. Culinary favorites from Finnair’s Europe-to-Asia routes will feature, such as reindeer meatballs and teriyaki beef.

ZIPAIR And Collins Partner To Let You Order Refreshments From Your Phone
ZIPAIR is scheduled to fly its first passengers tomorrow morning. The Japanese low-cost carrier will be providing WiFi free of charge, and has teamed up with Collins Aerospace to allow passengers to order items in flight from their own smart devices.

Coming Soon: Emirates Premium Economy
For all 35 of its years of history, Emirates has offered only three classes of travel: First, business and economy. But 2020 is to be a landmark year for the airline, as it makes its first move into a four class offering with the introduction of premium economy. Here’s what we know so far about the product, and when it’s going to arrive.


Boston Logan Airport Next In Line To Offer COVID-19 Tests
Boston Logan Airport is setting up an in-house COVID-19 testing facility. The facility is being built by XpresCheck, the same firm behind New York’s new facilities. Airport testing is becoming more popular globally, with hopes that it will allow travelers to shorten or skip quarantines.

Dramatic passenger declines shown by ACI World airport traffic report
Airports Council International (ACI) World has published its World Airport Traffic Report (WATR), along with data showing the dramatic and catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on passenger traffic.

Airport ‘devastated’ by Ryanair’s decision to close its Cork base this winter
Cork Airport’s managing director, Niall MacCarthy, has admitted that Ryanair’s decision to close its base at the airport this winter is a major blow for the Irish gateway.

Renderings for Portland’s new terminal show glimpse of the future
Portland International Airport (PDX) is 80 years old today, and it has chosen the milestone to share a sneak peek of what its new $1.5 billion main terminal will look like when it opens in 2025.


How fighter jets lost their speed | Data
Fighter jets are fast. Everybody knows that. As time passes, newer and more advanced fighter jets should be faster, right? Not really. Let’s gather some data and look into that.

Aviation Quote

All right, good night.

- last known transmission, Malaysia Airlines flight 370, to Malaysian ATC. 01:19 local time 8 March 2014.

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Airman Exam – ATP

What is the principal advantage of a sweepback design wing over a straightwing design?
A) Sweepback will accelerate the onset of compressibility effect.
B) Sweepback will increase changes in the magnitude of force coefficients due to compressibility.
C) The critical Mach number will increase significantly.

Which of the following is considered an auxiliary flight control?
A) Ruddervator.
B) Leading-edge flaps.
C) Upper rudder.

For a given angle of bank, the load factor imposed on both the aircraft and pilot in a coordinated constant-altitude turn
A) varies with the rate of turn.
B) is constant.
C) is directly related to the airplane's gross weight.

What is the safest and most efficient takeoff and initial climb procedure in a light, twin-engine airplane? Accelerate to
A) best engine-out, rate-of-climb airspeed while on the ground, then lift off and climb at that speed.
B)an airspeed slightly above VMC, then lift off and climb at the best rate-of-climb airspeed.
C) VMC, then lift off at that speed and climb at maximum angle-of-climb airspeed.

How soon after the conviction for driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs shall it be reported to the FAA, Civil Aviation Security Division?
A) No later than 60 days after the motor vehicle action.
B) No later than 30 working days after the motor vehicle action.
C) Required to be reported upon renewal of medical certificate.

An air carrier airplane's airborne radar must be in satisfactory operating condition prior to dispatch, if the flight will be
A) carrying passengers, but not if it is "all cargo."
B) conducted IFR, and ATC is able to radar vector the flight around areas of weather.
C) conducted under VFR conditions at night with scattered thunderstorms reported en route.

Scanning procedures for effective collision avoidance should constitute
A) looking outside for 15 seconds, then inside for 5 seconds, then repeat.
B) 1 minute inside scanning, then 1 minute outside scanning , then repeat.
C) looking outside every 30 seconds except in radar contact when outside scanning is unnecessary.

A pilot, acting as second in command, successfully completes the instrument competency check specified in FAR Part 61. How long does this pilot remain current if no further IFR flights are made?
A) 90 days.
B) 6 months.
C) 12 months.

What is the hijack code?
A) 7200.
B) 7500.
C) 7777.

A person may not act as a crewmember of a civil aircraft if alcoholic beverages have been consumed by that person within the preceding
A) 24 hours.
B) 8 hours.
C) 12 hours.

Why do some airplanes equipped with inboard/outboard ailerons use the outboards for slow flight only?
A) Aerodynamic loads on the outboard ailerons tend to twist the wingtips at high speeds.
B) Increased surface area provides greater controllability with flap extension.
C) Locking out the outboard ailerons in high-speed flight provides variable flight control feel.

Under what condition does ATC issue safety alerts?
A) If the aircraft altitude is noted to be in close proximity to the surface or an obstacle.
B) When weather conditions are extreme and wind shear or large hail is in the vicinity.
C) When collision with another aircraft is imminent.
Which is a purpose of ground spoilers?
A) Increase the rate of descent without gaining airspeed.
B) Aid in rolling an airplane into a turn.
C) Reduce the wings' lift upon landing.

Which is a purpose of leading-edge flaps?
A) Direct airflow over the top of the wing at high angles of attack.
B) Increase the camber of the wing.
C) Reduce lift without increasing airspeed.

The illusion of being in a noseup attitude which may occur during a rapid acceleration takeoff is known as
A) inversion illusion.
B) somatogravic illusion.
C) autokinesis.

When are outboard ailerons normally used?
A) Low-speed flight only.
B) High-speed flight only.
C) Low-speed and high-speed flight.

While on an IFR flight in controlled airspace, the failure of which unit will precipitate an immediate report to ATC?
A) Airborne radar.
B) One engine, on a multiengine aircraft.

Hazardous vortex turbulence that might be encountered behind large aircraft is created only when that aircraft is
A) operating at high airspeeds.
B) developing lift.
C) using high power settings.

When setting the altimeter, pilots should disregard
A) effects of nonstandard atmospheric temperatures and pressures.
B) corrections for instrument error.
C) corrections for static pressure systems.

What is the minimum number of flight attendants required on an airplane having a passenger seating capacity of 188 with only 117 passengers aboard?
A) Five.
B) Four.
C) Three.

If an air carrier airplane's airborne radar is inoperative and thunderstorms are forecast along the proposed route of flight, an airplane may be dispatched only
A) when able to climb and descend VFR and maintain VFR/OT en route.
B) in day VFR conditions.
C) in VFR conditions.

What procedure is recommended for an engine-out approach and landing?
A) The altitude and airspeed should be considerably higher than normal throughout the approach.
B) The flightpath and procedures should be almost identical to a normal approach and landing.
C) A normal approach, except do not extend the landing gear or flaps until over the runway threshold.

An applicant who is scheduled for a practical test for an airline transport pilot certificate, in an approved flight simulator, is
A) required to have a first-class medical certificate.
B) not required to have a medical certificate.
C) required to have at least a current third-class medical certificate.

An applicant who is scheduled for a practical test for an airline transport pilot certificate, in an aircraft, needs
A) a second-class medical certificate.
B) a first-class medical certificate.
C) at least a current third-class medical certificate.

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