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Maxi-Air 24 Jun 20, 16:44Post
First pictures of the 77E all black special colors

merzbrueck 04 Jul 20, 12:15Post
First SF Airlines at Frankfurt-Main.

TP80 10 Jul 20, 05:40Post

New Airline
merzbrueck 14 Jul 20, 13:16Post
First Freebird Airlines Europe in Leipzig.

merzbrueck 14 Jul 20, 13:39Post
First E-Cargo in Leipzig.

merzbrueck 20 Jul 20, 09:51Post
First Fleet Air International in Leipzig.

merzbrueck 20 Jul 20, 09:54Post
First Roskosmos in the database.

ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 24 Jul 20, 13:32Post
First Loganair at TLL:

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:
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TP80 25 Jul 20, 12:48Post

New color
TP80 25 Jul 20, 12:49Post

new airline
TP80 25 Jul 20, 12:59Post

new color
merzbrueck 25 Jul 20, 14:48Post
First MASkargo at MST.

merzbrueck 25 Jul 20, 14:50Post
First ATRAN at MST.

BR725 25 Jul 20, 16:56Post
First MyWay Airlines at Berlin-SXF

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